International Journal of Research Studies in Medical and Health Sciences

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Volume - 2 Issue - 1


Persistent Median Artery-An Uncommon Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Reid A. Waldman, Charles D. Donohoe

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Environment, Epigenome & Disease
Dr. Kalle Anand Kumar

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Visceral Microaneurysms of Polyarteritis Nodosa: Presentation with Recurrent Upper GI Haemorrhage needing Total Gastrectomy
Senthil Kumar, Dipankar Mukherjee

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Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Patients Using a Synbiotic Dietary Supplement: a Survey
Ranganathan Natarajan, Pari Ranganathan, Henry D'Silva, Usha Vyas, Bohdan Pechenyak, Alan Weinberg

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Intranodal Palisaded Myofibroblastoma of Inguinal Region, a Rare Benign Lesion: Case Report
Minakshi Gulia, Neelam Sood

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