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Volume - 3 Issue - 10


Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Diabetes Self-Care Activities at a Primary Healthcare Center in Riyadh: an Analytical Cross-Sectional Study
Asmaa Alyaemni

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Postpartum Physique Rehabilitation with Some Therapy Apparatus in a Chinese General Hospital
Ercui Feng, Li Jiang

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Congenital Lobar Emphysema Mimics Foreign Body Aspiration in Infancy
Yasser Ali Kamal, Ahmed Anwar Oreiby, Hesham Hassan

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Dynamic Strategy on Biotechnology: a Case Study for Merck Biopharma
Yi-Sheng Wang

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Adult-Onset Celiac Disease Associated with Psoriatic Arthritis
Salem Bouomrani, Nesrine Regaieg, Nesrine Belgacem, Souad Yahyaoui, Safa Trabelsi

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Effects of Tai Chi Training on Muscle Strength, Mobility, and Quality of Life in Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy
Arturo A. Arce-Esquivel, Barbara K. Haas, Melinda L. Hermanns, Joyce E. Ballard, Carol A. Rizer, Gary T. Kimmel, Yong T. Wang

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Admission Criteria in a pediat ric Intensive Therapy Unit: Presentation of an Evaluation Instrument
Naycka Onofre Witt Batista, Janine Pereira da Silva, Maria Carlota de Rezende Coelho, Silvia Moreira Trugilho, Lucia Helena Sagrilo Pimassoni, Carla Venancia Aguilar Santos, Yasmin de Rezende Beiriz, Valmin Ramos-Silva

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Human Oncologic Markers in the Crinoid: Antedon Bifida (Echinodermata)
Michel Leclerc

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Assessment of Some Coagulation Profile among Different Tribes Living in Nnewi, Anambra State Nigeria
Onwurah O.W, Fasakin K.A, muhibim.A, ezeugwunne I.P, Amilo G.I, Igweze Z .G.

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Alzheimer's Disease: a Mini Review
George P. Paraskevas, Vasilios C. Constantinides, Panagiotis G. Paraskevas, Elisabeth Kapaki

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